Our Knotty Pine Flickr Group

Knotty Pine“Knotty Pine” was a favorite name for motels across America, or in western states, at least.  I wonder why that was? I’ll guess: We took a lot of road across the American recent-wilderness and there were a lot of pine trees? Such an icon, knotty pine. Above: Knotty Pine motel in Goose Hollow, Portland, Oregon, photo from Thomas Hawk, licensed under Creative Commons. Our Group includes lots more photos — some cheery… but some kinda spooky, too (Was there knotty pine in the Bates Motel? Probly so.)

2 thoughts on “Our Knotty Pine Flickr Group

  1. I gotta know where exactly in Goose Hollow this Knotty Pine sign hangs.. I’ve never seen it and I lived there for almost 11 years, on various streets, from 96-2007!! GOTTA KNOW..Alyssa Starelli, MCM League.

  2. I just joined the Flickr Group… I have knotty pine in my home on my narrow dark side room. I hate to say this, but, I was planning to rip it out. I just can’t figure out what to do with that room! It is driving me crazy… my house is mid century… so now I’m looking at photos and thinking……..

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