Lynne’s knotty pine pink bathroom

lynnes knotty pine bathroom with pink plumbing fixturesDo you know about my third/other website: Save The Pink Bathrooms? Kind of the same idea as knotty pine: Both these features were massively popular in mid-20th century American homes. Yet, both get little respect in mainstream design and decorating circles today. I believe this belies their value. Both knotty pine and pink bathrooms can be totally lovely and totally worth preserving. In this photo, we see Lynne’s bathroom which combines both — and look, she’s a youngun’ and she gets it, explaining:

This house was built in 1942. It’s a bungalow style with a finished ‘attic/2nd floor’ …. The upstairs, finished in knotty pine with two bedrooms and a half bath, sold me on the place, not to mention the bath had a pink sink and toilet and two vintage white dressers that came with the place!

Read more of Lynne’s story and see more of her bathroom: A knotty pine pink bathroom — channeling Marilyn Monroe.

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