With wallpaper on the ceiling, of course!

wallpaper ceilingsBrian and Keri’s 1953 house includes a knotty pine den with an original wallpapered ceiling. When they first moved in, they were not so thrilled with the wallpaper. But, they waited a while before taking it down — and now they love it. Don’t you want to light a fire, curl right up and read an entire library? See more pics of this room and the rest of Brian and Keri’s delightful house here.

2 thoughts on “With wallpaper on the ceiling, of course!

  1. Hi All,
    My grandmother had a cottage built in the 30’s with KP throughout, and dark red marble pattern Formica in the kitchen. I went up there every summer until she died in the late 90’s and it was sold. That KP and red counters are the dearest memory to me, and yes, the wonderful smell of the old wood. I would love someday to have some KP put in our house – it’s a little postwar ranch. I can’t find that Formica color and pattern anywhere. Must not be made anymore.

  2. OMG. I think I had that same wallpaper in my basement with my knotty pine paneling. The wallpaper is gone. Knotty pine is not.

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