“Dear Lord, Not Wood”

knotty pine helpThose TV shows and blog posts where people whiiiiiiiiiine that they just can’t liiiiiiiive with that fugly knotty piiiiiiiine just push me over the eddddddddge. I try not to rant. I really do. But sometimes I just have to let ‘er rip.

Do I *love* knotty pine? Yes, if it was well made and has been well maintained.

Do I *love* wood paneling? I actually do love the cherry paneling in our man cave — my husband loves it, too. I think that pecky cypress is amazing. And there are plenty of other wood species that are quite lovely. Paneling can really warm up a room: Duh, it is made of trees, it is nature applied right to your walls.

Do I *love* all wood paneling? No. There is a quality — ergo, beauty — continuum.

Does anyone really need to *hate* knotty pine or wood paneling? No. And, no. Our parents and grandparents and generations of ancestors before us loved their wood-paneled walls. Could they really all have been so wrong? Oh, and is *hate* really even called for?  Maybe let’s take a chill pill, and save hatred — and the call to action that such an intense emotion incites — for truly important things. Like social injustice and earth-destroying greed, for example.

Now I will get off my mini rant… and reintroduce you to Eartha Kitsch (at right).

That Eartha Kitsch, she is a true sweetie. Not only does she show how it’s done with the modest updates to her lovely time capsule knotty pine kitchen — but when talking recently about the knotty-pine-haters, she restrained the rant and got all comedian-like instead. Humor is way more effective in winning converts, don’tcha think? Read her routine — “Dear Lord! Not Wood!” over on her blog, Ranch Dressing. The two images here are used with her permission; you can also click on the photos to get to her blog. Which also has knotty pine background. See. Knotty is nice. Props to you, Eartha Kitsch.

One thought on ““Dear Lord, Not Wood”

  1. I happen to love Knotty Pine and am thinking about installing some in my turn of the century home.

    Take that haters!

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