Eartha Kitsch’s knotty pine kitchen

Eartha Kitsch’s glowy, 1956 knotty pine kitchen was one of the first knotty pine stories I ever featured. Eartha explained the excitement at finding this house with the vintage knotty pine kitchen intact:

For years, my husband and I passed by this house every day, each time saying that if it ever went up for sale, we had to try to make it ours. We had no clue whatsoever about what the inside of the home looked like but of course, when we saw it in our minds, we pictured it with the original kitchen and baths and other period details still intact. When we finally did get the word that the house would be for sale, we anxiously awaited the day that we could see inside. Once inside, we were super excited to see that our mind’s eyes had been correct in that not only were the original baths intact – but the kitchen too…and it was so much better than we’d imagined – knotty pine from top to bottom with flagstone wall and lighted niches. We instantly fell in love and knew that we were home. We both admit now that it was the kitchen that sealed the deal….

Read Eartha Kitsch’s complete story here: A knotty pine kitchen — respectfully retained and revived — Retro Renovation

2 thoughts on “Eartha Kitsch’s knotty pine kitchen

  1. pretty sure this is what our kitchen looked like originally. we have the same scalloped trim over the sink and the same half round shelves. the previous owners painted all of our pine white and changed out most of the hardware. we still have a few of the strap hinges on the cupboards though! love your wall color (and matching mixer)!

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