Knotty Pine Resources

I am not an expert on knotty pine — but my goal is to become one. Key among the topics I need to research: Where to source new knotty pine in various widths, if you want to create a knotty pine room from scratch… how to clean and refresh vintage knotty pine… the different knotty woods (they weren’t always pine, I think)… more about the history of this most wondrous of materials – and very importantly, I really want to understand more richly why knotty pine was so epic-ly popular… and more. Meanwhile, here are my key resource stories to date:

About Knotty Pine:

  • At a home show where I was a speaker, I meet someone who tells me about the knotty pine varieties available back in the day — and today. Read the complete story here.

New kitchen cabinets in knotty pine or look-alikes:

Where to buy knotty pine paneling, tongue-and-groove and trim:

Refinishing and cleaning knotty pine:

Decorating with knotty pine:

6 thoughts on “Knotty Pine Resources

  1. I have a very large living area all in knotty pine. Sorry, I hate it! I’m willing to trade it to someone who will redo the wallspace for me in beadboard or – heaven’s to betsy! – I’m going to paint it.

  2. I was so excited to finally be able to find a house with a knotty pine family room. But, to my great horror, the previous owners had painted it over with the most awful shade of banana yellow. I told myself the 1st thing I would do after moving in was strip and refinish that old knotty pine. Well after an afternoon, evening, and early morning stripping less than 2 square feet of it I was pretty discouraged.
    Then I thought to myself, I wonder if knotty pine is the same on both sides? If it was,, could I not remove the paneling board by board and re-install it the other way? Might that be easier than stripping and refinishing the whole thing? Does anyone know? I’m desperate for my old knotty pine to be ‘new’ again.

  3. Where can I buy real grooved knotty pine like in Eartha’s kitchen. It would be okay if salvaged from old house?

  4. My issue is the same as Lisa’s, above. I have painted-over knotty pine paneling and kitchen cabinets that I would love to restore. Any suggestions about efficient means of removing the old paint will be appreciated.

  5. Hello, just discovered your sire today. My wife and I purchased our home in Nashville, TN about 1 year ago. It is a two story rectangular home. The basement is finished in orange color knotty pine walls. There is a buck stove in one corner with brick behind it for fire protection. There is also a wetbar built out of the knotty pine. We really like the look, however, trying to pick out appropriate decorations has been tough. Since this room is in basement, built into hillside, it is rather dark down there. The room has one window, which does let some light in _ but the room definitely needs some brightening up. Currently, we don’t spend much time down there because the room just isn’t inviting in it’s current state of lack of decor and lighting. Would you please point us in the right direction to help this room reach the potential that we know it has. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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